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Imposter Syndrome with Fiona Buckland

Today I am talking imposter syndrome with Fiona Buckland. Fiona is a life coach and author who works to help people switch off autopilot and unleash their potential to live richer and more fulfilled lives.

She has recently published a book called ‘Thoughtful Leadership’ and it is one I highly recommend. It leads you from the inner work of aligning with values and purpose and, a point that I wish more people would think about: recognising the impact of your leadership style! The book also takes you through the outer work of motivating others and making a difference in the world for future generations. What’s not to love?!

If you sign up to Fiona’s mailing list, you will receive updates, offers and priority on her Leader Within course when it launches in April.

Follow Fiona on Twitter @FionaBuckland_ and on Instagram @FionaBucklandCoaching

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