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Digital diaspora with Abira Hussein

In this episode, I speak to Abira Hussein, founder of Nomad, a collaborative project with Mnemoscene. Abira is pioneering a different, more thoughtful, approach to technology and participatory practice, with a particular focus on Somali objects, traditions and diaspora. I think we all have a lot to learn from her and her work and I’m certainly watching what she is doing, and how, with great interest and hope for the future of heritage.

For me, there are three key points in this episode. Firstly, the vital importance of having people with a wide range of expertise working with and in the heritage sector. And, to make sure this happens, different ways for people to participate in projects to gain the range and depth of knowledge and experience they need. Also, how important it is for institutions to develop long-term, sustainable relationships with people so that institutions can be their partners and not always the other way around.

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