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Coffee & Catch Up with Subhadra Das

Lockdown was sudden, scary and we didn’t know what the coming days and weeks would hold for us or our loved ones. The days turned into weeks and months, and many of us found ourselves furloughed or working remotely from home. With so much up in the air, I wanted to check in on some of the lovely people I had interviewed for Season 1 of the podcast.

For the first episode of Coffee & Catch Up, I caught up with Subhadra Das, Curator of the Science Collections at UCL and part-time freelancer. It was great to chat to her and hear more about what she was doing during her temporary furlough (she is now back at work). We talked about all sorts of things from Jaffa Cakes and cheesy Wotsits to Richard III and the Golden Age of Detective Fiction and everything in between. As you’ll hear, it quickly turned into an episode of Sushma & Subhadra’s book club! Now, there’s an idea…

The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey

For some of us, lockdown and furlough has been a great opportunity to indulge in hobbies that we don’t normally get time for. For others, like me, it has been  difficult to do much more than keep on top of childcare and maintain a grip on our sanity. Thankfully, I have been able to find pockets of time to sew - a hobby that brings me joy.

So, I hope you enjoy this lighthearted break from the world.

You can follow Subhadra on Twitter @LittleGaudy

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This episode was Presented/Produced by Sushma Jansari (@TheWonderHouse) and Produced/Edited by Nick Harris (@2ndThoughtTank).

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