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30. Cultural Heritage Policy for Peace with Mehiyar Kathem

Hello and welcome to the 4th episode in this season of The Wonder House! This series focuses on the Nahrein Network, which is an incredible project that fosters the sustainable development of history, cultural heritage and the humanities in Iraq and its neighbours in the Middle East. I think it is one of the most meaningful people-centred projects running today that is already leading to lasting change.

I speak to Mehiyar Kathem, Deputy Director and Co-Ordinator of the Nahrein Network. Mehiyar supports the Network to develop partnerships and communication with Iraqi Government institutions, domestic NGOs – Non-Governmental Organisations – as well as academics. He also works on the Visiting Scholarship Scheme for which he assists Iraqi academics and professionals during their stay in the UK.

For me, one of the key points in this episode is recognising that cultural heritage is and always has been an integral part of our lives and the societies that we live in. So much so that it can be harnessed as a medium for peace and shared knowledge as well as the flip side of this with violence, destruction and destabilisation. It is for these reasons, and so many more, that Mehiyar’s work on policy advice and support is central to the Nahrein Network’s aims in Iraq.

Listen now to hear more!

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The Nahrein Network has supported the production of this series. The Network  was funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council and Global Challenges Research Fund until September 2021 and now by a generous philanthropic gift to UCL.

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