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31. Leadership starts with you - Hilary Carty

Hello and welcome to a whole new Season of The Wonder House and it is all about Leadership. I speak to some of the most inspiring leaders in the cultural sector today. I ask them about the core values that drive them and for practical advice that we can integrate into our lives and careers.

To start things off, I’m speaking to Hilary Carty, Executive Director of Clore Leadership.

So many things stood out in this conversation. It was a real privilege to listen to Hilary talk about her experiences and the challenges she faces during her leadership journey. I say ‘journey’ because you don’t simply arrive at a thing called ‘leadership’. Leadership is a skill that you build, develop and hone over the whole course of your working life, but we all have to start somewhere.

So, I’m going to leave you with three questions to think over before the next Leadership episode of The Wonder House: Where do you find joy? What are your values? And what makes YOU a good leader?

Listen now to hear more!

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