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19. Egypt’s Dispersed Heritage with Heba Abd el Gawad

In Episode 19, I’m speaking to Heba Abd el Gawad, Egyptian Egyptologist and postdoctoral researcher on Egypt’s Dispersed Heritage: Views from Egypt. This innovative and exciting project aims to ensure that Egyptians in Egypt benefit from the UK-based findings on the dispersal of Egyptian heritage and knowledge exchange about these collections and histories. The project was recently awarded a medal of achievement from Misr University for Science and Technology in Cairo.

A lot of their work and resources are available in Arabic through the project’s Twitter page @ExcavatedEgypt. As part of their work, Heba and Alice Stevenson collaborated with @Nasser_Junior, a cartoonist and illustrator based in Alexandria, Egypt. The result has been a brilliantly funny, albeit with a serious point to make, series of cartoons. These cartoons tell the story, through Egyptian eyes, of how archaeological finds left Egypt in British hands and their global afterlives.

Heba also talks about some of the other projects she has worked on, including the Asyut Project at the British Museum. This project aimed to study the broad spectrum of Shutb’s history from 2500BC to the present day while promoting a local sense of ownership and awareness of this history and contemporary heritage. She also discusses the exhibitions that she has worked on, including Beyond Beauty (2016) at Two Temple Place and, more recently, Listen to Her! at the Petrie Museum, UCL which aimed to challenge stereotypes about Egyptian women.

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