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20. Autism in Museums with Claire Madge

For the 20th episode of The Wonder House, I interview Claire Madge. She is a museum blogger extraordinaire at Tincture of Museum and founder of Autism in Museums. Volunteering has also been an important part of her life and since recording this interview, Claire has moved on from the Museum of London to an exciting new volunteering role as blogger in residence at the Cartoon Museum!

For me, the key point in this episode is about that magical moment when you realise that you have struck a chord with your audience and you transform it, over time, into an incredible opportunity to help others in a profoundly life-changing way. That is exactly what Claire did with Autism in Museums.

Links to a range of resources that we mentioned:

  1. Autism in Museums blog & Events calendar
  2. Kids in Museums - Autism in Museums: Welcoming families & young people
  3. British Museum Sensory Map
  4. Early Morning Explorers at the British Museum

Follow Claire on Twitter @TinctureOfMuse and Instagram @TinctureOfMuseum

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