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17. Planning for an uncertain future with Dan Simmons

In this special episode, I welcome leadership coach Dan Simmons to The Wonder House.

The last 8 months have been incredibly difficult and the second UK lockdown came at a time when we were already really struggling with our own mental and physical wellbeing, and in many cases seeing these decline in our families and friends as well. Almost 9 months into this situation, it is increasingly clear that this is no short-term blip in the way we live our lives, see and interact with the people who mean the most to us; get out and about to do everyday things; make plans for next week or next year… Basically, all of the autonomy that we took for granted to get on with living our lives.

Instead, our basic freedoms have been suddenly curtailed in a way that they have never been before and, understandably, a lot people are finding it harder and harder to cope. Especially because it’s now abundantly clear that this isn’t a short-term blip, but potentially a much longer-term trend that will impact our lives and health in ways we probably haven’t even have thought of yet.

So, how do we face reality and cope? How do we plan for an uncertain future?

This is where leadership coach, Dan Simmons, comes in! Dan discusses ways we can create focus and hold our goals gently, while engaging with the world through curiosity, compassion and connection.

If you’d like to contact Dan, you can find him on LinkedIn. He is currently working on his new website, and I’ll post a link here when it is live.

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This episode was Presented/Produced by Sushma Jansari (@TheWonderHouse) and Edited by Julia Letts.

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