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Leaders don’t wait to be picked with Sara Wajid & Zak Mensah

Today, I’m speaking to Sara Wajid and Zak Mensah, joint Chief Executive Officers of Birmingham Museums Trust which is one of the UK’s largest independent museum trusts that is responsible for not 1 but 9 extraordinary venues across Birmingham, including, of course, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

This was such a rich conversation and I’m so glad that Zak and Sara were so generous with sharing their stories and experiences in this episode. A few things really stood out:

Zak said, ‘Leaders don’t wait to be picked’ and this simple statement really resonated with me. After all, leadership doesn’t just happen when you get the so-called ‘top job’. It is something you have within you and you can develop and hone that skill with practice at every stage of your career, whether it is your first job or your last job. As Sara said, ‘Fulfil your own potential – whatever that looks like.’

One of the reasons I asked Sara and Zak who inspired them and why, was because figuring this out will give you some insight into WHAT you aspire to do in your life and WHY. It will also help you think about HOW you will go about showcasing and implementing those things that are deeply important to you.

Listen now to hear more!

Follow them on Twitter: Sara @waji35 and Zak @zakmensah

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