2018 - Collecting histories and imperial critique - UCL Critical Centre for Critical Heritage Studies / South Asia Institute - Putting South Asia on Display, British Museum (September 28)

2018How do you engage with ‘troubling’ histories in your work or collections? - V&A Research Institute Symposium - Troubling Objects: interrogating collecting and collections, V&A (September 11)

2018 - Rai Bahadur Hira Lal’s Gond Collection at the British Museum - ECSAS European Conference on South Asian Studies, Paris (July 26)

2018 - The Sophytes coins: from the Punjab to Bactria… and back again - EASAA European Association for South Asian Art and Archaeology conference, Naples (July 4)

2018 - Sophytes: Reappraisal of an enigmatic ruler and the Sophytes coins - Royal Numismatic Society (May 22)