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Photo Gallery - Ancient Middle East Gallery @Ashmolean

The Ancient Middle East Gallery / The Sarikhani Gallery at the Ashmolean Museum was recently reimagined, redesigned and refurbished. I visited the gallery in July 2021 and Paul Collins, Jaleh Hearn Curator of Ancient Near East and curator responsible for the redisplay at the museum kindly showed me around. We also had a look around the exhibition Owning the Past: From Mesopotamia to Iraq for which I have created a separate photo gallery. I interviewed Paul about this work - and much more! - for The Wonder House podcast.

Remember, you can use any of these images freely under the CC BY licence with the following attribution: ‘Photo © Sushma Jansari’

Information about the gallery from the Ashmolean’s website (their highlight):

This newly redesigned gallery brings the Ancient Middle East to life. From Iran to the Eastern Mediterranean, across some 10,000 years, artefacts in this gallery reveal the lives – and deaths – of their owners. Find out how the objects came to the museum, and try out new interactives that let you have a go at rolling a cylinder seal and writing in cuneiform.

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